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Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. is cutting the ribbon at the 'Ribbon Cutting Ceremony' for Livingston Medical Groups.  
Organized by the Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Kapur is a member of The Chamber of Commerce.  The ceremony
was celebrated by many distinguished members of the Chamber of Commerce, Hospital CEO & medical staff and
various other community leaders.  The ceremony was held at one of Dr. Kapur's medical clinic facilities.


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended Sri Lanka Republic Day Celebration 2013
by Honorable Ambassador Dr. Palitha T.B. Kohona and Hon. Ambassador-General Silva at their celebration in New Jersey.
Anurita wished the Ambassadors, Ministers and the Sri Lankan Community A Happy Republic Day!
 The Event commenced
by a beautiful with speech by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, The President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri
Lanka, Sri Lanka's traditional and cultural dances and songs and much more....

Ambassador-Major-General Shavendra Silva, WWV, RWP, RSP, USP, psc, CR is a Sri Lankan general and diplomat.

Ambassador & Chargé d'Affaires of the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka and Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations
in New York, he was the former Director of Operations, Sri Lanka Army and the General Officer Commanding, 58 Division during the
Sri Lankan civil war.  Silva joined Sri Lanka Army on 1984 and he was the former Director of Operations, Sri Lanka Army and the
General Officer Commanding, 58 Division during the final phase of Sri Lankan civil war.  He was a highly decorated Commando officer,
being awarded the Weera Wickrama Vibhushanaya, Rana Wickrama Padakkama and the Rana Sura Padakkama at once, a first in the
Sri Lankan military history.  He was the youngest promoted as a commanding officer.  As an officer instructor at the Sri Lanka Military
Academy (SLMA) in Diyatalawa, he trained the first foreign cadets to attend SLMA and went on to become its commanding officer.
During 2002-2004 peace talks he took part in negotiations to open the A-9 Main Supply Route (MSR). With the resumption of hostilities
he became the Brigade Commander of the Air Mobile Brigade and later took command of the famous 58 Division and was instrumental
in the military capturing several former LTTE strongholds including the Mannar rice Bowl,Vedithalathivu, Nachchikuda,Mulangavil,
Devils Point, Pooneryn, Kilinochchi, Paranthan, Elephant Pass,Dharmapuram, Vishvamadu,Suvandipuram, Thevipuram
Puthukudirippu,Puthumathalan, Wellamullu vaikkal and the last inch of enemy held Karayamulli vaikkal in the mangroves of
Nanthikandal lagoon in the Mullaithivu district. After the end of the war he was appointed as Director of Operations of the Sri Lanka
Army and promoted to the rank of Major General.  In 2010, he took up position as Deputy Permanent Representative to the United
Nations as the only serving army officer to hold such a post at the time of appointment. At present he holds the rank and title of
Ambassador in addition to his post at the United Nations Headquarters.

Ambassador Dr. Palitha T.B. Kohona served as the Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka until his
appointment as Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. Prior to this he served as the
Secretary-General of the Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) established by the Government of Sri

Among the Attendees were:  Politicians, Sri Lankan Army, Diplomats, Prominent Sri Lankan American Community,
Physicians and Lawyers.

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. invited to and attended an Event organized by the United States Department of Homeland Security in
New Jersey in 2013.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Christopher Martinez conducted the event and addressed many issues
and concerns.  
Christopher Martinez, Assistant Special Agent is in charge of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security he spoke on
several hot topics of concern relating to national safety and security.

Dr. Anurita Kapur welcomed Special Agent Martinez at the Event and commended him on all his achievements and high level work he has
done and continues to do with his team to keep our country and all of us safe and secure.

Originally from Worcester, Martinez is a first-generation college graduate who has enjoyed a career of more than 25 years with
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and one of its predecessor agencies, the U.S. Customs Service, since 1987. Currently,
stationed in New Jersey, Martinez oversees a financial investigations division, an undercover operation, and a Resident Agent in Charge

Martinez spoke with over 20 years of professional law enforcement experience at the Federal Level with the Department of Homeland
Security (DHS) and formerly the U.S. Treasury Department.  During his tenure with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),
Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the former U.S. Customs Service (USCS) he worked as a criminal investigator, covert
operative, first level supervisor, and second level administrator, conducting narcotics, money laundering, and fraud investigations.  In
addition Martinez served as the Central American Attaché based in the country of Panama.

Martinez also spoke about his experiences as a special agent and his numerous successes, including dismantling narcotic smuggling
organizations, solving financial crimes to defraud citizens and the government, working with our international partners to capture child
predators, and assisting our law enforcement partners in Central and South America to increase knowledge and investigative capacity.
He received his bachelor’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a master’s degree from Saint Leo University. Martinez
is enrolled in a doctoral program.

Martinez is a law enforcement leader and professional educator with the documented success of implementing, and leading change in
financial investigations, and homeland security operations at the local, national and international level. Currently, Martinez is a doctoral
candidate and teaches criminal justice and policing.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Special
Agent Christopher Martinez


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended Reception in the Honor of Lal Krishan Advani, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)
Leader in New Jersey in 2012.
Welcoming Hindu rituals were performed for Mr. & Mrs. Advani by a ceremonial arti, puja and tilak.  Anurita presented
flowers to Mrs. Advani and their daughter.  
Lal Krishna Advani (Hindi: लालकृष्ण आडवाणी) born in Karachi, in Sindh
(now Pakistan) is an Indian politician who is a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the current opposition in
the Indian Parliament.  When the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance was in power from 1998–2004 under Prime Minister
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Advani served as Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (the latter in 2002–04). He was the Leader
of the Opposition in the 10th Lok Sabha and 14th Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament).  Advani began his
political career as a volunteer of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a right-wing Hindu nationalist organisation.
Janata Party to Bharatiya Janata Party: The Janata Party was formed by political leaders and activists of various political
parties who had been united in opposing the state of Emergency imposed in 1975 by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
After elections were called in 1977, the Janata Party was formed from the union of the Congress (O), Swatantra Party,
Socialist Party of India, Jana Sangh and the Lok Dal. Indian National Congress defector Jagjivan Ram formed
the Congress for Democracy and joined the Janata alliance. The widespread unpopularity of Emergency rule gave Janata
Party and its allied a landslide victory in the election. Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister of India, Advani became the
Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Vajpayee became the Foreign Minister.  Advani became the president of the
BJP in 1986. His rise coincided with a growing unease and disquiet with the ruling Congress party due to non-governance
and corruption. Sensing an opportunity Advani embarked on a new aggressive phase of his politics, and by 1991 the BJP
became a significant player in the political landscape.
He gradually brought in a shift in the party's policies by advocating Hindutva.  Hindutva हिन्दुत्व, "Hinduness", a word
coined by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in his 1923 pamphlet entitled Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? ) is the set of movements
advocating Hindu nationalism. Members of the movement are called Hindutvavadis. According to a 1995 Supreme Court of
India judgement the word Hindutva could be used to mean "the way of life of the Indian people and the Indian culture or

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended Reception in the Honor of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister for Gujarat State and
Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Leader in New Jersey, 2012.  Hon. Minister Modi discussed all his achievements in the State of
Gujarat, India.  How instrumental he was to have modernized Gujarat and increasing revenue for India by its tourism.  
Hon. Modi is a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).  
*Gujarat Ratna by Shri Poona Gujarati Bandhu Samaj at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch on celebration of centenary year.
e-Ratna award by the Computer Society of India
*Best Chief Minister – In a nationwide survey conducted in 2006 by India Today magazine, Narendra Modi was declared
the Best Chief Minister in the country.
*Asian Winner of the fDi Personality of the Year Award for 2009 by fDi Magazine.
*In March 2012, Modi appeared on the cover of Time magazine, one of India's few politicians to have done so.  His leadership
was described as being strong and businesslike; one that could guide India towards honesty and efficiency.
*In the recently conducted opinion polls by various agencies, Narendra Modi has been the preferred choice of majority of
Indians as Prime Minister. The second place is occupied by Rahul Gandhi.


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a political rally for Honorable General Parvez Musharraf, Former President of
Pakistan in New York on January 26, 2013.  He is the leader of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).  President Musharraf
gave a detailed speech of his honorable intentions and plans for Pakistan's future once he is re-elected and his longterm
efforts for peace.  He plans to go to Pakistan to run for the elections despite of all the death threats by various opposition.  
This event was aired all over Pakistan and the United States.

Later after the Political Rally, Anurita attended a high level private meeting and dinner with Former President Musharraf.  
She wished him all the best in his future endeavors in Pakistan during the elections.  She commended him on his
continuous efforts for peace that he discussed.

Gen. Pervez Musharraf a four-star general and a politician who was brought to power through a military coup d'état in 1999. He
served as the tenth President of Pakistan from 2001 until 2008. Prior to that,
he was the 13th Chief of Army Staff from October 1998
till November 2007, and was also the tenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan Armed Forces from 1998 until
2001. Commissioned from the Pakistan Army in 1964, Musharraf rose to national prominence after being appointed a four-star
general in October 1998 by then-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Gen. Pervez Musharraf was born on 11 August 1943 to an Urdu-speaking family in Delhi, India, four years before the partition of
India.  He is the son of Syed and Zarin Musharraf.  Syed graduated from Aligarh Muslim University, in Aligarh, India and was a civil
servant for the Government Of India.  Zarin was born in the early 1920s, who was also an academic educated and graduated from
Aligarh Muslim University.  Musharraf's first childhood home was called neharwali haveli, literally "mansion by the canal". The house,
located at the epicenter of India's ruling Mughal elite, is so large that in 2001 it housed eight different families.  

The attendees were: Pakistani Community, APML Supporters, Dignitaries, Leaders of Muttahida Quami Movement ('MQM'),
Pakistan People's Party (P.P.P), Pakistan Tehrikey Insaaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz-PML), NYPD, FBI &
Secret Service Agents for safety & security of Hon. General Parvez Musharraf, Pres of Pakistan.
General J. J. Singh, Chief of the Army
Staff personally autographed his
book for Dr. Anurita Kapur.

Dr. Anurita Kapur attended the Indian Republic Day Celebration at the Permanent Mission of India to the
United Nations in New York by Honorable Ambassador Hardeep Puri, Amb. Manjeev Puri & Col. Manoj Tiwari
& staff on January 26, 2013.  The attendees were Ambassadors, Dignitaries and Prominent Indian Americans.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended Indian Republic Day Celebration by Honorable Ambassador Prabhu Dayal Consul
General at the Consul General of India New York on January 26, 2013.  Among the Attendees were:  Politicians, Indian Army
Col. Manoj Tiwari, Diplomats, Prominent Indian American Community, Physicians and Lawyers.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a Qawwali performance by Amjad Farid Sabri in New York.  Qawwali is the traditional
form of Islamic song found in India and Pakistan the word qawwali is derived from the Arabic word Qaol which means “axiom” or “dictum”.  
A qawwal is one who sings qawwali, or the dictums of the prophets and praises of God.  The qawwali is closely linked to the spiritual and artistic
life of northern India and Pakistan.  The qawwali is inextricably linked to the sufi tradition; Sufism is a mystical school of Islamic thought which
strives to attain truth and divine love by direct personal experience.  In Arabic, this mysticism is known as tasawwuf.  The difference between
Sufism and mainstream islam is simple. All Muslims believe that man is on a path to God (tariqah).  However where the mainstream Muslim
believes that it is only possible to reach God during ones life.  To this end there are a number of different techniques and methods.  

Amjad Farid Sabri is the son of the famous Ghulam Farid Sabri (1930 - April 5, 1994) he was a major Qawwali singer, and a leading
member of the Sabri Brothers, a leading qawwali group.  He was born in Kalyana, a village in the district of Rohtak in East Punjab, British India in
1930.  His family's musical lineage stretches back several centuries, to the age of the Mughal emperors. His family claims direct descent from
Mian Tansen, the legendary musician of the court of Akbar the Great.  Mehboob Baksh Ranji Ali Rang, his paternal grandfather, was a master
musician of his time; Baqar Hussein Khan, his maternal grandfather, was a unique sitarist.  His family belongs to the Sabriyya order of Sufism,
hence the surname Sabri.  Haji Ghulam Farid Sabri was raised in Gwalior.


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a Charity Concert organized and sponsored by
AAPI and AAPI-CF in Association with AAPI-QLI AND AAPI of New York State
(one of the largest
American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin).  
Featuring: "Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan and Loy" Concert in New York.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a dinner reception welcoming Ambassador Dyaneshwar Mulay, Consul General of
India New York.  Dr. Kapur welcomed him and highly commended him on his habit of speaking in Hindi language.  She said
she was touched that like her, Ambassador Mulay is also a lover of his matra bhasha Hindi (mother tongue Hindi).  While
using some English, Amb. Mulay continuously spoke and conducted his speech in Hindi.  His words of advice to our Indian
Community was very well received by Dr. Kapur and the entire Indian Community in New York.  

Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay – ज्ञानेश्वर मुळे, took charge as Consul General of India in New York recently.  Previously, he had served as
High Commissioner of India to Male (Maldives) during which time he was credited with taking Indo-Maldivian relations to a new level and with
steering it through a difficult transfer of power.  A career diplomat of the Indian Foreign Service, he has served his country with distinction in
Japan, Russia, Mauritius, Syria, and other international postings.  He is the son of soil of Kolhapur and career diplomat of the Indian Foreign
Service (IFS) since 1983.  He has been recognised both nationally and internationally as a prominent thought leader, diplomat, and author.

He is a well-known writer having written over 15 books that have been translated in Arabic, Dhivehi, Urdu, Kannada and Hindi. His original writings
in Marathi have large following especially among youth who find it highly inspiring. He has won many awards including the Maharashtra State and
Hindi Sahitya Akademy of Delhi. His book
'Mati Pankh Ani Akash – माती पंख आणि आकाश' has become a bible for the young generation of
Russia Navya Dishanche Amantran – रशिया – नव्या दिशांचे आमंत्रण, his book on Russia has become a must read for anybody
studying the transformation of USSR to Russia.   He was felicitated as Kolhapur Bhushan by the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation.
He is also inspiration behind many socio educational projects including Balodyan, an orphanage in his native village and Dnyaneshwar Mulay
Education Society in Pune which has embarked in the field of education with innovative concepts of global education.

From his humble beginnings in the village Lat, in Kolhapur District he has risen to the high position of High Commissioner of India, Male, Maldives
and then Consul General of India, New York, USA.  This journey has seen a number of milestones.
His struggles began early in life, after his primary education in village Lat, at the age of 10, he left his village to join Rajarshi Shahu Chatrapati
Vidyaniketan, Kolhapur, a school that was founded by Zilla Parishad, to nurture talent from rural areas.  He became the first student from rural
area, to win the Jagannath Shankarsheth Award, by securing highest marks in Sanskrit at SSC exam in 1975.
He completed graduation at the Shahaji Chattrapati College Kolhapur and topped the Shivaji University in BA with English Literature, and bagged
the prestigious Dhananjay Keer Award. Always proud of Shivaji University, Dnyaneshwar Mulay established an annual excellence award at this
university in 2006, for the girl Student securing highest marks in social studies.

During this phase he had faced many difficulties to find resources, study material and guidance for the Higher Civil Services which he aspired to
join.  Lack of intellectual infrastructure was a major hurdle. Overcoming linguistic difficulties was another challenge as his medium of instruction
was vernacular Marathi while the Civil Services required certain proficiency in English.  Through relentless efforts and timely help from teachers
he crossed these hurdles.  Later he shifted to Mumbai to access better expertise. The State Institute for Administrative Career provided him the
basic facilities for study especially for the main examinations.

Meanwhile as a topper of Mumbai University in post graduation in Personnel Management he won Peter Alvarez Medal.  After scoring the first
rank at the MPSC examination in the year 1982, his subsequent success in the UPSC (and selection in the Foreign Service), surprised many since
it was uncommon then for a person from rural background to enter the coveted Civil Service.

His Contribution in Hindi literature:
Ritu Ug Rahi Hai “ऋतू उग राही है” (1999) – A collection of poems in Hindi. The challenges of contemporary life brought in by disparities among
nations, the technological divide, globalisation and personal dilemmas of love, and separation, communication are the central themes of the
collection. A graceful, direct and new approach to poetry, breaking from the past in form and substance.
Andar Ek Asmaan “अन्दर एक आसमान”(Urdu 2002) – A collection of poems in Urdu. The poem addresses Socio-political themes as well as dwell
on technological development of our times.
Man Ke Khalihanomein “मन की खलिहानोमें”(2005) – Hindi Poetry Collection. Pioneering poetry on themes of globalisation and individual’s
response to the same.
Subah hai ki hoti nahin “सुबाह है की होती नहीं” (2008) – A collection of poems on the Middle East situation in Hindi and Urdu.


General Parvez Musharraf, Chief of Army Staff and Former President of Pakistan
Former President of Pakistan, Chief of Army Staff, General Parvez Musharraf and Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D.

Dr. Anurita Kapur attended a medical conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan, New York.


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a reception and dinner with General Joginder Jaswant Singh, Indian Army.  
Gen. Singh personally signed a book he gifted to Dr. Kapur.  The event took place at the Indian Consul General
Ambassador Prabhu Dayal's Office Building in Manhattan, New York.

General Joginder Jaswant Singh was the 22nd Chief of the Army Staff of India. The Chief of the Army Staff is the commander and the highest-ranking
officer of the Indian Army.  The position is abbreviated as COAS in Indian Army cables and communication, and usually held by a 4-star officer in the
rank of General.  Appointments to the office are made by the President of India.  He was appointed on November 27, 2004, and took over the role when
his predecessor, General N. C. Vij, retired on 31 January. He was succeeded by General Deepak Kapoor. He served as Chief of army staff. He is the
first Sikh to have led the Indian Army and the 11th chief of army staff from the Western Command based at Chandigarh. His selection was not a
surprise, as at the time of his appointment he was the most senior officer in the army after General N C Vij. Following his retirement, he became
governor of the state of Arunachal Pradesh in January 2008.  He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and was commissioned into the 9
Maratha Light Infantry on 2 August 1964.  He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and was commissioned into the 9 Maratha Light Infantry
on 2 August 1964.

General Joginder Jaswant Singh assumed command of the Indian Army, as the 22nd chief of army staff, on 31 January 2005 commanding an army of
over a million soldiers.  He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and was commissioned into the 9 Maratha Light Infantry on 2 August 1964.
He received the colour of the battalion from the late president Dr. Zakir Hussain at the Investiture Parade in 1968.
He is a third-generation soldier.  Born on 17 September 1945 in Bahawalpur (now in Pakistan), his family migrated to India (Patiala, Punjab) after
partition in 1947.  His grandfather served in the 1/67 Punjab Regiment during the First World War in Mesopotamia and Kut-al-Amara, both in present
day Iraq, along with the 103rd, 105th, 110th, 114th and 117th Mahrattas. These five battalions subsequently joined the Maratha Light Infantry, the same
regiment General Singh was commissioned into 50 years later.  His father, Lt Col Jaswant Singh Marwah, served in the Electrical & Mechanical
Engineers from 1943 to 1973 and is also a veteran of the Second World War.

During his tenure with the 7th and 9th Maratha LI and also while on higher command and staff appointments, General Singh has served in Jammu &
Kashmir, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Joshimath in Uttranchal. He was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal during his command tenure
with the 9 Maratha Light Infantry in Arunachal Pradesh. He later commanded the 5th Maratha LI at Hyderabad in the rank of colonel. A consistent front-
runner, he was the youngest and one of the first in his batch to attend Staff College, Senior Command, Higher Command and National Defence College
courses. He has contributed articles to regimental and other professional journals and his thesis on "Sino-Indian Border Dispute" and "Strategy to
Boost Defence Exports" have been highly acclaimed. He has the honour of being India's first defence attaché to Algeria (1987–1990).

After returning from Algeria, General Singh commanded the 79th (Independent) Mountain Brigade in the Baramula Sector, Jammu & Kashmir, during
the peak of insurgency there in 1991–92. During this tenure, he was gravely wounded in action leading from the front, in a fierce engagement with
terrorists infiltrating across the Line of Control (LoC). For that operation he received the War Wound Medal and was awarded the Chief of Army Staff's
Commendation. He was nominated to attend the prestigious National Defence College (NDC) course in 1993. He was posted as Deputy Director
General Operational Logistics in Army HQ after the NDC Course and later commanded the 9th Infantry Division from 1996 to 1998.

General Singh was then selected for a key appointment as the Additional Director General Military Operations (ADGMO) at Army HQ, Military
Operations Directorate. During his tenure as ADGMO, he contributed positively to evolving India's policy on the Sino-Indian border issue and visited
Beijing as part of the Joint Working Group. He was also part of the Ministry of Defence team for talks with Pakistan on the Siachen and Sir Creek issue
in 1998. He also visited Sierra Leone with the defence minister, where an Indian contingent carried out successful operations as part of the UN
Mission. As the ADGMO, he became the Indian Army's public face during the 1999 Kargil conflict. He was decorated with the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal in
recognition of his services in the planning and execution of the war.

He is an ace shooter and plays basketball, squash, and golf. He is also a keen mountaineer who has trained under the late Tenzing Norgay at the
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling.  

General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC is the current Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army (CoAS).
General Bikram Singh, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC is the current Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army (CoAS). Previously the head of the
Eastern Command, he became the 27th CoAS succeeding General V. K. Singh, who retired on 31 May 2012.  He is second Sikh to be CoAS, the first
having been General J. J. Singh.

A graduate of the 40th course at the National Defence Academy.   Singh was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry on 31 March 1972. He was
adjudged the 'Best Young Officer' at the Young Officer's course at the Infantry School. He was awarded both the Commando Dagger for being the best
commando and the 'Best in Tactics' trophy. He later was an instructor at the Commando Wing of the Infantry School.

After completing the Higher Command Course, he served his first tenure as a Director in the Military Operations (MO) Directorate.  The tenure
coincided with the Kargil War and he was the official spokesperson of the Army during that period.  He went on to serve four important tenures at
Army HQ: an additional tenure in the MO Directorate as the Deputy Director General, two tenures in the Perspective Planning Directorate, as the
Deputy Director General of Perspective Planning (Strategy) and later, as the Additional Director General.  He was posted back to the Army HQ as a
Lieutenant General to serve as the Director General Staff Duties (DGSD).

He has held positions of GOC-in-C Eastern Command, GOC 15 Corps, GOC Rashtriya Rifles and GOC of Eastern Division in the Democratic Republic of
Congo.  He was wounded while posted as a Brigadier in Jammu & Kashmir, where he has spent much of his service.

Awards and decorations:   • Param Vishisht Seva Medal   • Uttam Yudh Seva Medal     • Ati Vishisht Seva Medal      • Sena Medal    • Vishisht Seva Medal.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a reception by Honoring Minister Shri Kanna Laxminarayana of Andra Pradesh,
Minister of agriculture INOC in Long Island, New York. He is a Minister of Agriculture.

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. invited to & attended a dinner Reception for Honorable Chandrashekhar Sahu, Minister of Agriculture
of Chattisgarh.  
Chandra Sekhar Sahu was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. He represents the Berhampur constituency of Orissa and is
He is passionate about making farming a viable proposition for farmers.  He has written several books on the subject and is a frequent contributor
to environmental journals. Talking to Jyotika Sood, he says the challenges in a state where 80 per cent of the population depends on agriculture
are tremendous.  He plans a separate agriculture budget and wants organic farming to be a cornerstone of the policy he is formulating.
General Bikramjit Singh,
Current, Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), India.
Hon. General J. J. Singh, Chief of Army Staff, Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D.
Hon. Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India New York

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. and
Mr. Kully, 'MQM' Leader of New

'MQM' - Muttahida Quami Movement
is an Organization that is lead by
Mr. Altaf Hussain.  'MQM' is a
secular party and the most
powerful force in Karachi,
Pakistan.   Mr. Hussain has the
necessary political wisdom and
desire to truly seek peace.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to an event at the United States Mission to the U.N. in Manhattan.



Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to & attended the ceremony of ANSAC DAY Event at the Memorial Garden, Rockefellar Center
Manhattan, New York on Sunday, April 28, 2013. The traditional Sunday Service is a significant event.  The service was
co-hosted by New Zealand and Australian Consuls General, Ambassador Phil Scanlan.

The Event was attended by Ambassadors, Military Attaches from all the International Missions including India's Colonel Manoj
Tiwari, U.S., France, Germany, Australia and many, many other dignitaries.

ANZAC Day is when we pause to remember those New Zealanders and Australians killed in war, to honour returned
servicemen and women and to pay tribute to those personnel who are currently serving their countries. Although its timing
recalls the landing at Gallipoli of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps on 25 April 1915, the Commemorative Service is
for all those who have given their lives during conflict.  


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended the ceremony of NOWRUZ at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in
Manhattan, New York in 2013. The Event was attended by H.E. Ban ki Moon, Secretary General of U.N., Ambassadors,
Military Attaches and staff from all the International Missions including: Iran, Afghanistan, India, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia,
Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan & many more ethnic and
religious groups worldwide.   International ethnic foods were served by all missions to the United Nations.
Nowrūz (Persian: نوروز‎, "[The] New Day") is the name of the Iranian New year in the Persian calendar.  Nowruz is also
referred to as the "Persian New Year".  Nowruz is celebrated and observed principally in Iran, and has spread in many other
parts of the world, including parts of Central Asia, Caucasus, Northwestern China, the Crimea and some groups in the
Balkans. In Iran, Nowruz is an official holiday lasting for 13 days during which most national functions including schools are
off and festivities take place.

Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in the Iranian calendar.  It is celebrated on the day of the
Northward equinox (see diagram below), which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day
depending on where it is observed.  As well as being a Zoroastrian holiday and having significance amongst the Zoroastrian
ancestors of modern Iranians, it is also celebrated in parts of the South Asian sub-continent as the new year. The moment
the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day is calculated exactly every year and Iranian families gather
together to observe the rituals.

Poppies, a symbol of remembrance
New Zealand the graves of War Veterans are decorated

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a celebration Reception Event for the Indian HOLI Festival of colors hosted by
UNICEF at their building adjacent to the United Nations in Manhattan, New York in March, 2013.  UNICEF screened and
hosted a panel discussion of the new, critically-acclaimed documentary “
The Revolutionary Optimists”, a story of young
children in India's slums who set out to change the world they live in. They build a soccer field where a garbage dump once
stood, and make sure the children in their community are vaccinated against polio, they push for other children to go to
school and hold their local government representatives responsible for their lack of water.  Geeta Rao Gupta, Deputy
Executive Director of UNICEF was in attendance as well as two of the children featured in the documentary and many other
dignitaries of the United Nations, International Missions and many many more.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended an Event Celebration reception for the Indian HOLI Festival hosted by at the
Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York and H.E. Amb. Manjeev Puri & staff.
The attendees were Ambassadors, Dignitaries and Prominent Indian Americans.
Holi (Sanskrit: होली) is a spring festival also known as festival of colors, and sometimes festival of love.  It is an ancient
Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other
communities.  It is primarily observed in India, Nepal, and other regions of the world with significant populations of majority
Hindus or people of Indian origin. The festival has, in recent times, spread in parts of Europe and North Americas as a spring
celebration of love, frolic and colors.

Holi celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi where people gather, sing and dance. The next morning is
free for all carnival of colors,[4] where everyone plays, chases and colors each other with dry powder and colored water, with
some carrying water guns and colored water-filled balloons for their water fight. Anyone and everyone is fair game, friend or
stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders. The frolic and fight with colors occurs in the open streets, open
parks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carry drums and musical instruments, go from place to place, sing and dance.
People move and visit family, friends and foes, first play with colors on each other, laugh and chit chat, then share Holi
delicacies, food and drinks. In the evening, after sobering up, people dress up, visit friends and family.  It is a national holiday in

Holi is celebrated at the approach of vernal equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). The festival date varies every year,
per the Hindu calendar, and typically comes in March, sometimes February in the Gregorian Calendar. The festival signifies the
victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget
and forgive, and repair ruptured relationships.


Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended International Women’s Day 2013 celebration
Sponsored by the United Nations Foundation at the Church Center
in Manhattan, New York.  




Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a special meeting and lecture with Former Prime Minister H.E. Yoshihiko Noda on
Tuesday, October 1, 2013: titled
My Vision for Japan’s Economic Future: Sustainable Growth through Structural Reform in
Manhattan, New York.
 With its mix of aggressive monetary easing, fiscal stimulus and flexible growth strategies, the policies
of the Abe administration collectively known as "Abenomics" have gained worldwide attention.  However, concerns remain
over the lack of a definitive exit strategy for the future.  Countries worldwide now have a common goal of achieving
economic growth as they restructure fiscally. Under these circumstances, maintaining fiscal discipline will allow confidence
in the Japanese economy to develop.  In this meeting and lecture, the Honorable Yoshihiko Noda, former Prime Minister of
Japan, discussed his thoughts on the future of the Japanese economy and on a non-partisan approach to resolving these
important policy issues. Gerald Curtis, Burgess Professor of Political Science, Columbia University, moderated the event.

H.E. Yoshihiko Noda (野田 佳彦) is a Japanese politician who was Prime Minister of Japan from 2011 to 2012. He is a
member of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), and a member of the House of Representatives (lower house) in the Diet
(national legislature).  He was named to succeed Naoto Kan as a result of a runoff vote against Banri Kaieda in his party, and
was formally appointed by the
Emperor of Japan Akihito on 2 September 2011. Following a severe loss for the DPJ in the
December 2012 general election, Noda conceded defeat and announced his resignation as party leader.  
He was succeeded by Shinzō Abe as Prime Minister on 26 December 2012.  Noda enrolled in Waseda University School of
Political Sciences and Economics in 1980 and was later accepted into the prestigious Matsushita Institute. This institution
was founded by Konosuke Matsushita (the founder of Panasonic) to groom future civic leaders of Japan.  He has a black
belt in judo.  As Prime Minister on 2 September 2011, Noda confirmed that the Japanese government will continue to phase
out nuclear power, by not building new nuclear power plants nor extending the life spans of outdated ones. In May, 2012,
nuclear power plants which were sitting idle in the wake of the Fukushima disaster were restarted in order to help Japan's
immediate demands for energy, despite the overwhelming public opposition.

H.E. Akihito (明仁) is the reigning Emperor of Japan (天皇), the 125th emperor of his line according to Japan's traditional
order of succession. He acceded to the throne in 1989.  In Japan, the emperor is never referred to by his given name, but
rather is referred to as
"His Imperial Majesty the Emperor" (天皇陛下) which may be shortened to
"His Imperial Majesty" (陛下).   In writing, the emperor is also referred to formally as "The Reigning Emperor" (今上天皇). The
Era of Akihito's reign bears the name
"Heisei" (平成), and according to custom he will be renamed "Emperor Heisei" (平成天
by order of the cabinet after his death. At the same time, the name of the next era under his successor will also be
established.  H.E. Akihito is the eldest son and the fifth child of Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) and Empress Kōjun (Nagako).  
Titled Prince Tsugu (継宮) as a child, he was raised and educated by his private tutors and then attended the elementary and
secondary departments of the Peers' School (Gakushūin) from 1940 to 1952.  Unlike his predecessors in the Imperial Family,
he did not receive a commission as an Army officer, at the request of his father, Hirohito.

During the American firebombing raids on Tokyo in March 1945, he and his younger brother,
Prince Masahito, were
evacuated from the city. During the American occupation of Japan following World War II, Prince Akihito was tutored in
English and Western manners by Elizabeth Gray Vining.  He briefly studied at the Department of Political Science at
Gakushuin University in Tokyo, though he never received a degree.  Although he was Heir-Apparent to the Chrysanthemum
Throne from the moment of his birth, his formal Investiture as
Crown Prince (立太子礼) was held at the Tokyo Imperial
Palace on 10 November 1952. In June 1953, Crown Prince Akihito represented Japan at the Coronation of
Queen Elizabeth II
in London.
After the death of H.E.
Emperor Hirohito on 7 January 1989, the crown prince received the succession.  Emperor Akihito
formally acceded to the throne on 12 November 1990.  In 1998, during a state visit to the United Kingdom, he was invested
with The Most Noble Order of the Garter.

The current Prime-Minister of Japan is H.E. Mr.
Shinzō Abe (安倍晋三) is the 57th and current Prime Minister of Japan,
serving since December 2012. He had previously served for a year as Prime Minister from 2006 to 2007. Abe is the President
of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and chairman of the Oyagaku propulsion parliamentary group.  Hailing from a politically
prominent family, Abe became the Japan's youngest post-war prime minister, and the first to be born after World War II when
he was elected by a special session of the National Diet in September 2006. Abe served as prime minister for less than a
year, resigning on September 12, 2007. He was replaced by Yasuo Fukuda, beginning a string of prime ministers, none of
whom retained office for more than a year.  He is also appointed by the Emperor of Japan.  He is the head of the Cabinet and
appoints and dismisses the Ministers of State; the literal translation of the Japanese name for the office is Minister for
the Comprehensive Administration of the Cabinet or Minister who Presides over the Cabinet.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited as a guest speaker for the UN Outreach Programs.  Dr. Kapur spoke on Health Physician Shortage
Areas (HPSA) of the United States and other countries.  How to help these rural areas by providing medical help in several
ways?  Dr. Kapur gave several solutions to the current problems faced by the rural areas.  
Another guest speaker was Mr. Damodaran.  The Program was hosted by Ambassador Kamal.  There were many attendees,
faculty and students from several universities:  DePaul University, Pan Americana University and Dela Salle University.  
The event was held at the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, New York.  




Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended the Gandhi Jayanti Event by the Indian Consulate General of India at the Union
Square in Manhattan, New York.  Attendees: Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay and many other dignitaries.  After the
speeches there were bhajans sung to remember Mahatma Gandhi.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended the Gandhi Jayanti Event by the Permanent Mission of India at the United Nations
in Manhattan, New York.  To grace the event there was musical performance by the Maestro of Sarod -
Ustaad Amjad Ali
and his two sons Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan remembered the Mahatma through special renditions of his
favourite bhajans, a portrait by a Mumbai-based artist was unveiled as the United Nations observed International Day of Non-
Violence.   The Attendees: Dignitaries and Close to 400 people including 65 permanent representatives of countries to the
United Nations sat for two hours at a conference room as the world body celebrated the Interational Day of Non-Violence
that coincided with the birthday of
Mahatma Gandhi (October 2).   The event that had UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,
Ambassador Asoke Kumar Mukerji and President of the 68th UN General Assembly Ambassador John Ashe, who delivered
the keynote and the presidential address respectively, was hosted by the permanent mission of India to United Nations.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (मोहनदास करमचन्द गांधी) (2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948) was the preeminent leader and
freedom fighter of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India
to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahatma a "high-souled",
"venerable"—applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa,—is now used worldwide.
He is also called Bapu "father" in India.

Gandhi's vision of a free India based on religious pluralism, however, was challenged in the early 1940s by a new Muslim nationalism
which was demanding a separate Muslim homeland carved out of India.  Eventually, in August 1947, Britain granted independence,
but the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two dominions, a Hindu-majority India and Muslim Pakistan.  As many displaced
Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs made their way to their new lands, religious violence broke out, especially in the Punjab and Bengal.
Eschewing the official celebration of independence in Delhi, Gandhi visited the affected areas, attempting to provide solace. In the
months following, he undertook several fasts unto death to promote religious harmony. The last of these, undertaken on 12 January
1948 at age 78, also had the indirect goal of pressuring India to pay out some cash assets owed to Pakistan.  Some Indians thought
Gandhi was too accommodating.  Among them was Nathuram Godse, a Hindu nationalist, who assassinated Gandhi on 30 January
1948 by firing three bullets into his chest at point-blank range.

Gandhi is commonly, though not officially, considered the Father of the Nation in India.  His birthday, 2 October, is commemorated
there as Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday, and world-wide as the International Day of Nonviolence.

Amjad Ali Khan (अमजद अली ख़ान) is an Indian classical musician who plays the Sarod. Khan was born into a musical family and
has performed internationally since the 1960s. He was awarded India's second highest civilian honor, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2001.  
He was born in Gwalior.  Khan has recently been awarded 21st Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna Award. 20 August is celebrated as
harmony day, the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi. Khan received the Padma Shri in 1975, the Padma Bhushan in 1991, and the
Padma Vibhushan in 2001, and was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for 1989 and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship
for 2011.  He was awarded the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2004.  The U.S. state Massachusetts proclaimed 20 April as Amjad Ali
Khan Day in 1984.  Khan was made an honorary citizen of Houston, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee, in 1997, and of Tulsa,
Oklahoma, in 2007.  He received the Banga-Vibhushan in 2011.  Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan, who has shared his rich experience in
Indian classical music in classes across the West, will now teach for a quarter (three months) at Stanford University, this course will
have lessons on Sarod as well.  His family arranged a marriage, which failed, and Khan was married a second time, to Bharatanatyam
dancer Subhalakshmi.  Subhalakshmi Barooah Khan is a native of Assam and has stopped performing.  They have two sons, Amaan,
the older one, and Ayaan, who were taught music by their father.  Khan is a Muslim and his wife is a Hindu.  Their family home in
Gwalior was made into a musical center and they live in New Delhi.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited and attended the UN Outreach Program UN Ambassador Forums and Office of Global Learning in
conjunction with several Ambassadors at the United Nations.  The objective was to create a better understanding in
tomorrow’s leaders of what the United Nations is and what its numerous programs do to make the world a safer place.  The
speaker was from Madagascar — Island of Mystery and Promise.  
H.E. Zina Andrianarivelo-Razafy Permanent
Representative of Madagascar to the United Nations.

H.E. Zina Andrianarivelo-Razafy was appointed permanent representative of Madagascar to the United Nations in 2002.
Prior to his appointment, Andrianarivelo-Razafy served as Madagascar’s Ambassador to the United States, as well as
Ambassador to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. From 1987 to 1998, he was senior manager at Henri
Fraise Sons and Company Group in Madagascar.  Before that he was assistant to the president of HTR Enterprises, Inc.
in Washington, D.C.
Andrianarivelo-Razafy holds a master’s degree in business administration, specializing in international business, from Ball
State University in Muncie, Ind.; a post-graduate degree in organizational management from Poitiers, France; a master’s
degree in economic and social administration (Angers, France); and a bachelor’s degree in international trade and applied
foreign languages (English and German) obtained in Nantes, France.

The event was held in New Jersey.  

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and participated at the 2013 Social Good Summit in New York! Hosted by United Nations
Foundations joining our partners to a global conversation with leading experts, advocates and innovators about how social
media and technology can help address some of our world's biggest challenges?

Speakers including:  Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, Astronaut Ron
Garan, Zeenat Rahman, Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues at the U.S. Department of State, and many others discussed
and focused on what kind of world we want in 2030 and how innovation can help make this world a reality.



Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and participated at the Advancing Women's Rights in a Multilateral Forum Discussion and Q&A
with Paula Schriefer, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Organization Affairs, U.S. Department of State
the event was hosted by UNA-USA & UNF.

About the speaker:  
Paula Schriefer joined the Bureau of International Organization Affairs as Deputy Assistant Secretary of
State on May 7, 2012. Prior to assuming this position, Schriefer was Vice President for Global Programs at Freedom House,
where she oversaw their global activities on freedom of expression, Internet freedom, religious freedom, and advocacy
efforts at the United Nations.

From 2006 to 2011, Schriefer was Director of Advocacy for Freedom House, overseeing all of its outreach and
communications activities, including foreign policy advocacy, press relations, and coordination with international
organizations. From 2001 to 2006 she served as its Director of Programs, overseeing nearly two dozen major program
initiatives and 13 overseas offices established to support independent media, open and transparent governance, civil
society development, justice sector reform, and the defense of human rights.

In addition to Freedom House, Schriefer has worked at the National Forum Foundation and the National Endowment for
Democracy. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in Russian Area Studies from the University of Denver
and completed coursework for an M.A. in Russian and Eastern European Studies at George Washington University.

The Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO) is a bureau in the United States Department of State that creates and
executes U.S. policy in the United Nations and other international organizations. It is headed by the Assistant Secretary of
State for International Organization Affairs.  The IO is charged with developing and implementing the policies of the U.S.
government with respect to the United Nations and its affiliated agencies, as well as within certain other international
organizations. The Bureau of International Organization Affairs was created in order to strengthen the United States
involvement in important international relations.

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. who is an Advisory Board Member of GBI (Medical Non-Profit Org).  She was invited to and attended
the intriguing Event co-sponsored by HBO & GBI - A SCREENING OF
2013 at the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) in Manhattan, New York.  Gave awareness to the crimes of organ
trafficking.  Followed by an Expert Panel Discussions on how to prevent organ trafficking and several solutions to the
increasing crimes related to it? and cocktail reception.

“Tales from the Organ Trade” is directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ric Esther Bienstock. This documentary
explores the shadowy world of black market organ trafficking from the street-level brokers who solicit kidney donors, to the
rouge surgeons who perform their transplants; from the impoverished donors willing to sacrifice a part of their bodies for a
quick payday, to the desperate patients who face the agonizing choice of obeying the law or saving their lives. Every year,
thousands of organs are bought and sold on a black market that flourishes in dozens of countries where the rule of law is a
hostage to the dollar sign. This is not a black and white story of exploitation, but rather, a nuanced and complex story that
compels you to explore your own moral and ethical beliefs. This is a world where the villains often save lives and the
medical establishment, helpless, too often watches people die. Where the victims often walk away content and the buyers of
organs – the recipients – return home with a new lease on life.

The screening will be followed by a Q & A session with the film’s director and producer Ric Esther Bienstock, Dr. Charles
Debrovner – GBI President, Dr. Bruce Elliot Gelb –  Director Renal Transplantation, Department of Transplant Surgery at
NYU Langone Medical Center, Dr. Benjamin Hippen – Transplant Nephrologist and Jonathan Ratel – EULEX- Head of
Special Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kosovo.  Among other dignitaries from the Law and Enforcement Unit and
International Law, Interpol, United Nations and many more.

Nancy Abraham is Senior Vice President of Documentary Programming for Home Box Office. She is responsible for the
development and production of HBO Documentary Films that have garnered numerous awards over the years including Prime time
Emmy Awards, News and Documentary Emmy Awards, George Foster Peabody Awards, Alfred I. DuPont Awards and Academy

Ric Esther Bienstock is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker best known for her cinematic investigative documentaries. Her films,
including “Sex Slaves” and “Ms.Conceptions”, have screened at over 50 international festivals and have aired in over 50 countries.  
She has garnered dozens of prestigious awards, including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, an
Edward R. Murrow Award, a Dupont Columbia Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism and a Royal Television Society Award.

Bruce Elliot Gelb M.D., F.A.C.S is an Assistant Professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, School of Medicine and Director of Renal
Transplantation, Department of Transplant Surgery. His specialty is kidney and liver transplantation, laparoscopic donor and
hepatobiliary surgery.  He has a vested interest in ethics of transplantation including ethical issues in living organ donation and has
published extensively on the topic.

Benjamin Hippen, M.D., F.A.S.N is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill, and a nephrologist specializing in
kidney transplantation with Metrolina Nephrology Associates, in Charlotte, NC.  He has published and lectured on financial incentives
for organ procurement, ethical issues in living organ donation, and the use of quality metrics in organ transplantation.

Jonathan Ratel is the Head of Special Prosecution Office Republic of  Kosovo (SPRK) – European Union Rule of Law (EULEX). He has
initiated a new probe into key government figures in Kosovo for involvement in an international organ trafficking network, after five
people have been convicted of complicity in human trafficking and organized crime at Medicus Clinic in Kosovo.


Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. who is an Advisory Board Member of GBI (Medical Non-Profit Org).  She was invited to and
participated at the GBI Event for the “Crimes of 21st Century: Organ Trafficking, Global Health and Security”, was held at
the UN Plaza Millenium Hotel in 2013 and emphasized the need to look at organ trafficking as a human rights issue.  
“The situation has led to the development of an international trade in organs which is recognized by the international
community as being a global, human rights and health policy issue”.  

With a rise in diseases worldwide that affect the liver, kidney, heart and pancreas, organ trafficking remains a challenge for
the international community has examined in great detail.  As part of a launch event last week, GBI assembled a panel of
speakers in the fields of medicine, national security and research to discuss this booming industry and its impact on global
culture.  So what’s the price of a kidney these days?  In an article published in the Guardian last May, a kidney can cost
anywhere from 5,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars.  The technical skills of a transplant surgeon are not necessarily needed,
making the process of trafficking for the removal of organs quick, profitable and widespread.
“We’ve been in the transplant business for half a century”, said David Rothman, professor of social medicine at Columbia
University and a panelist at the discussion. An important note that begs the question: why the sudden momentum in
combating this crime?

Due to recent cases made against the use of executed prisoners for acquisition of organs and criminal trials against
traffickers, a new fire has been ignited and organisations and policy makers alike are searching for preventative measures.
As discussed by the panelists, collecting data and studying trends has been difficult.  For one, victims of organ trafficking
are unlikely to come out and share their stories for fear of retaliation by the traffickers.  Additionally, traffickers and medical
institutions that participate are not quick to admit their involvement.
“Internationally, there is no convention dealing with human organ trafficking.” GBI said, adding: “the dilemma is that the
international community and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) like ours do not have a specific legal framework to
pursue these traffickers.”  The event ended with cocktail reception.



Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and Participated on the Panel of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Discussions Reception
and Dinner in the Honor of Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman, an Indian Politician presently serving as a National Spokesperson for
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in New Jersey, 2012.  Dr. Kapur got the cake cutting done and presented flowers to
Mrs. Sitaraman since it was her Birthday.  This event was aired all over India and in the U.S.A.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a Special Event Global Learning U.N. Pathways with Hon. Peter Launsky
Tieffenthal, UN Under Secretary General for Communication and Public Information, Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal in April, 2013
in New Jersey.

Mr. Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal was appointed United Nations under-secretary-general for communications and public
information in 2012.
Prior to his appointment, Launsky-Tieffenthal was spokesman and head of the Department for Communication and
Information of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.
Launsky-Tieffenthal brings to the position 30 years of experience within the Austrian Foreign Service, particularly in Asia,
North America and the Middle East, with responsibilities ranging from public diplomacy and development cooperation to
press and information.  He has held senior leadership positions, where he was responsible for formulating overall
communication strategies, including the extensive use of modern media tools, crisis management and negotiating
international agreements.
In his current capacity, Launsky-Tieffenthal works closely with approximately 100 national offices abroad to define, develop
and implement an integrated and coherent message for the foreign service.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended an Event Honoring Ambassador Asoke Kumar Mukerji as the new Permanent
Representative to the United Nations in New York on April 30, 2013.

Until his appointment, Mr. Asoke Kumar Mukerji, career diplomat, served as the Special Secretary (Political), Ministry of External
Affairs, New Delhi 2012-2013.  Responsible for strategic and security policy consultations, including on India’s immediate and
extended neighbourhood. Member of Indian delegation for Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of India at UN Human Rights Council,
Geneva. Leader of multi-agency Government of India delegations for Cyber Dialogues with the United States, the Russian Federation,
the United Kingdom, Japan and European Union.
Additional Secretary (Political, Policy Planning and Review), Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi 2010-2012
Oversight of Foreign Office structures for Policy Planning and Review, Border Management, Counter Terrorism and Cyber Issues.
Leader of multi-agency Government of India delegations for international cooperation on counter terrorism, including with P5
countries. India’s chief negotiator in the Global Counter Terrorism Forum. Co-Chair of the India-EU Security Dialogue. Chairman of
the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Steering Committee for the First South Asian Forum.

Mr. Mukerji was Deputy High Commissioner of India to the United Kingdom from January 2007 to July 2010; Ambassador of India to
Kazakhstan from February 2005 to January 2007; Deputy Chief of Mission of India to the Russian Federation from December 2001 to
February 2005; and India’s Consul General in Dubai from October 1998 to November 2001.

He has held a number of other diplomatic assignments, including in the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations Offices at
Geneva from August 1995 to October 1998; India’s Consul General and Chargé d'affaires in Tashkent from June 1990 to December
1992; and in Indian embassies in Washington, D.C. (March 1987 – May 1990) and Belgrade (August 1980 – June 1984).  At home, he
has served in the Central Asia and East Europe Divisions and as Chief of Staff, Minister of State for External Affairs, and earlier in
the Office of the Minister for External Affairs.

Published Articles on Trade Policy
“Developing Countries and the WTO – Issues of Implementation” in The Journal of World Trade (London), 2000; “The WTO Debate on Trade and
Investment, and the ‘Development Dimension’” in The Journal of World Investment, Geneva, 2001; “Introduction of WTO norms: Problems of
Developing Countries” in the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Journal International Economy and International Relations, Moscow, 2003;
“Integrating the CIS Economies into the WTO” in The Journal of World Investment and Trade, Geneva, 2007.
Stamped in Memory: a Postal History of Dubai 1909-1999, Dubai, 2001
India through the eyes of Russian Artists, Moscow, 2004
India House, London, London, 2009
Mahatma Gandhi in London, London, 2010
Valour and Sacrifice: the First Indian Soldiers in Europe 1914-1916, London, 2010

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended an Event honoring Miss Universe Ms. Olivia Culpo at the
Indian Consulate New York in 2013.  

The Consul General of India Mr Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay hosted a send off reception on August, 2013 for Ms. Olivia Culpo,
the current Miss Universe on her visit to India.  In his welcome remarks, the Consul General welcomed Miss Universe and
wished her the best for her visit to India.  He also expressed the hope that her visit to India will bring new interaction
between the youth and women of India and the United States of America. The Consul General also urged Miss Universe to
try and interact more with young people as India is a very young country.  Dr. Anurita Kapur spoke to Ms. Culpo and highly
commended & supported her cause and wished her well in this endeavor and goodwill gesture of visiting India and
keeping the India and America ties strong.

Ms. Culpo is visiting India from the 27th of September to the 6th of October 2013 to promote and propagate "Celebrate the
Girl Child", Women Empowerment and AIDS Awareness. She is scheduled to visit New Delhi, Mumbai, Agra and several
key cities in India. The visit has been organised by Ms. Sanjana Jon. The reception was attended by distinguished
members of the Indian community, the fashion world and the media. Ms Culpo had brief interactions with various members
of the media. Actress Manisha Koirala, who was present on the occasion, supported the initiative.

Manisha Koirala is a Nepalese actress, as well as a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador and
social activist. Koirala has primarily worked in Bollywood, though she has appeared in several Nepali, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films as
well. She is also an accomplished Bharatnatyam and Manipuri dancer. Born to politician Prakash Koirala and Sushma Koirala in the politically
prominent Koirala family of Nepal, she made her acting debut in the Nepali film Pheri Bhetaula (1989). A year later, Koirala made her Bollywood
debut with the top-grossing drama Saudagar (1991). She went on to establish herself as one of the leading actresses in the 90s with such
mainstream films as 1942: A Love Story (1994), Agni Sakshi (1996) and Gupt (1997).
Recognised for her acting prowess, Koirala was noted for her performances in films such as Bombay, Akele Hum Akele Tum (both 1995),
Khamoshi: The Musical (1996), Dil Se.. (1998), and Company (2002).  She has won the Filmfare Critics' Award thrice and has received four
nominations for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress so far. Although box-office collections of her films have varied considerably, critics have
noted that her niche as an actor remains unharmed irrespective of her commercial potent.  Off-screen she is frequented in the media as a
"controversy's child" with her bohemian stance and candid comments often described as "outspoken" and "bold".
Manisha Koirala was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Koirala family to Prakash Koirala and Sushma Koirala. Her grandfather Bishweshwar Prasad
Koirala was the Prime Minister of Nepal during the late 1950s-early 1960s, as well as two of her late great-uncles, Girija Prasad Koirala and
Matrika Prasad Koirala. Her father
Prakash Koirala has also been a prominent politician and a Cabinet Minister.

Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala was the Prime Minister of Nepal from 1959 to 1960. He led the Nepali Congress, a social democratic political
party.Koirala was the first democratically elected Prime Minister in Nepal's history. He held the office just 18 months before being deposed and
imprisoned by order of King Mahendra. The rest of his life was spent largely in prison or exile and in steadily deteriorating health.
Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala was born in Varanasi to father Krishna Prasad Koirala, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. When asked how he became
interested in politics, Koirala said, "There was politics in the blood of my family. My father had to leave Nepal when I was three years old.
Everyone in the family had a warrant of arrest against him; our entire property was confiscated. We were in exile in India for twelve years
[1917–1929] so I had my schooling in India, and thereafter I joined my college there."

Following his release, with Indian independence imminent, he set about trying to bring change to Nepal. In 1947 he founded from India the
socialist Nepali National Congress, which in 1950 became the Nepali Congress Party.  Koirala led the armed revolution of 1951 which overthrew
Nepal's 104-year old Rana regime. The last Rana prime minister was dismissed in October 1951 when the Rana-Congress coalition cabinet (in
which Koirala served for nine months as the Home minister) broke apart. Koirala then concentrated on the developing Nepali political
 King Mahendra responded with a new constitution enabling free parliamentary elections to take place in 1959.  Mahendra asked
Koirala to form a government, which took office in May 1959.  Koirala led his country's delegation to the United Nations and made carefully
poised visits to China and India, then increasingly at odds over territorial disputes. Yet, he was in trouble at home almost from the beginning.
His land reform measures, especially the revision of the tenancy laws so easily passed by parliament, deeply offended the landed aristocracy
which had long dominated the army. King Mahendra, on 15 December 1960, suspended the constitution, dissolved parliament, dismissed the
cabinet, imposed direct rule, and for good measure imprisoned Koirala and his closest government colleagues.  While Koirala is considered
one of the most charismatic political leader of Nepal.

Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, King of Nepal was King of Nepal from 1955 to 1972.  Mahendra was crowned on 2 May 1956.  He succeeded
Tribhuvan as King of Nepal.  He suspended the constitution, dissolved parliament, dismissed the cabinet, imposed direct rule and imprisoned
then prime minister Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala and his closest government colleagues.  Mahendra instituted a Panchayat hierarchical system
of village, district and national councils, a variant of guided democracy.  He pursued a foreign policy of neutrality between China and India.
Mahendra was made a British Field Marshal in 1960. Mahendra implemented a land reform policy, which provided land to many landless people.
The Mahendra Highway (also called East-West Highway) that runs along the entire Terai belt in southern Nepal was constructed during his
reign.  He launched the Back to the Village National Campaign in 1967 which was one of his largest rural development efforts. He also played a
key role in making Nepal a member of the United Nations.
Mahendra was born to King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah of Nepal.  Although Tribhuvan was nominally king since 1911.  Mahendra was captive in
Narayanhity Royal Palace, virtually a gilded cage.  In 1940 he married Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi, daughter of General Hari Shamsher Rana. They
had three sons, Birendra, Gyanendra, Dhirendra and three daughters Shanti, Sharada, and Shobha.  Queen Indra died in 1950.  In 1952,
Mahendra married Indra's sister, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Devi. This marriage produced no children.
Meanwhile, popular discontent and the British withdrawal from India in 1947 had made Rana rule increasingly untenable.  In 1950 the political
situation had deteriorated so far that the personal safety of the royals was in doubt.  Tribhuvan and most of his family escaped to India.  Open
revolt ensued and by the end of the year the Ranas agreed to a coalition government under Tribhuvan in which they shared power equally with
the Nepali Congress Party.  By the end of the year the Ranas were maneuvered out and Nepal's first experiment with democratic government
under constitutional monarchy was underway.  Tribhuvan's health was poor and he died in 1955.




Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended The Ladder Leadership Summit in New Jersey by Mr. Krishna Chari.
Dr. Anurita Kapur with the Marine Corp Officers & Mr. Chari at
The Ladder Leadership Summit Reception
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Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a Reception at the Japan Society in New York City.  The Attendees were many
dignitaries including Police, Interpol and Indian and various countries Army personnel including India's Colonel Manoj Tiwari
and The European Union (EU) Committee.
pictures to be posted

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a Reception for Lt. Colonel Maria K. Metcalf U.S. (Army) hosted by The United
States Mission.  Attendees were Army Personnel of various countries including India's Military Attache Colonel Manoj Tiwari.


India’s daughter raped by an Indian Army Officer/Indian Diplomat in New York.

A RECENT RAPE SCANDAL IN NEW YORK of an Indian-American Physician Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. (a single divorcee for 9 years with an only
child from her previous marriage to an Indian Physician practicing in the U.S.).   Anurita hails from a prominent & prestigious royal families of
India & Indian Government officials, (to get more information about Anurita,
you can visit the websites:
http://www.livingstonmedicalgroups.com/aboutanuritaroyalfamily.html and www.lmg4you.com).   For a decade, Anurita owns and
operates a nationwide medical company known as Livingston Medical Groups (LMG).  LMG is the only company in the entire United States that
offers over 21 medical services to physicians.  Anurita is a public figure, a well-known, respected lady, a social activist, an innovator, a creator,
believing in helping the society & humanity with all her businesses and making it a win-win situation for all.

Anurita was raped by an Indian Diplomat, Colonel Manoj Tiwari who works as a Senior Commissioned Indian Army Officer, a Diplomat, he was the
Military Attache at that time at Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York, and served as a New York Liaison for the Principal
Defense Accounts & for the Indian Ministry of Defense.  He also calls himself Tiger Tiwari.  He is believed to be now hiding out at the Army War
College in Mhow, India.

Anurita was approached by this Diplomat, Colonel Manoj Tiwari on India’s Republic Day Event on January 26, 2012 at the Indian Consulate in New
York.  This was their very first meeting, Colonel Manoj Tiwari started to chase Anurita despite her refusals to meet him.  He made pretentious
reasons to meet her including using excuses of social service for humanity, and medical project work etc. and praised her of how she is doing
great work for humanity and he is mesmerized by her emotions and care towards humanity.  Calling Anurita a semi-Goddess, and how he never
met a lady like her before and he has not been able to forget her divine presence at the India’s Republic Day Event at the Indian Consulate.  

Because he was an Indian Government official, Anurita trusted him never suspected anything against him.  After Manoj Tiwari’s months of
chasing Anurita, she finally agreed to meet him in a public place for a discussion in between her medical meetings and meetings at the United
Nations.  Manoj’s story to Anurita was that he is single now but was married two times, his first wife ran away with another man, then as a
rebound his mother got him married to a very ugly looking woman named Dipika Mishra-Tiwari who was an uneducated housewife and was very
insensitive towards him but he use to stay with her only for the sake of his two daughters but he realized how he was being very unfair to himself
and then left her and is going through a divorce now.

Anurita says, Manoj is a great talker and a good convincer and told her he is alone and single and looking for a good woman to marry (which was
a lie since he is still married to Dipika Mishra-Tiwari with 2 daughters Malvika Tiwari, 17 now and Devyani Tiwari, 15) does not know anyone in the
U.S. and would like to have  a friend in her for advice and guidance.  Anurita who is a kind-hearted lady agreed to help him if he needed any
advice or guidance.  Later, after a few meetings Manoj started to tell Anurita that he has fallen in love with her to the point of no return, he cannot
eat, cannot sleep, cannot breathe & cannot live without her.  In fact, Manoj told Anurita that if she does not answer his calls, his heart misses a
beat and he feels strangulated.  He has become very dependent on her to live his life and he would be ever so grateful if she accepted his
friendship and the very least, if she would consider letting him be with her sometimes as this helps him to live. After seeing Anurita's face he just
doesn't want to look at any other woman.  Manoj said, when God looks down from heaven even he marvels & wonders who created Anurita?  He
told Anurita, that he feels very insecure that someone else could steal her away from him and wants to go to all her meetings with her and
become her bodyguard to save her from people with bad intentions since he has nothing but honorable intentions for Anurita.  He said he was
fearful that someone could kidnap Anurita since she looked like an ideal candidate who can get kidnapped easily so this way he can be there to
protect her.  If Anurita was in a meeting or an event then Manoj use to follow her on his own and sit and wait for her on the stairs of the building
including the Indian Consulate Building, he would keep calling & texting her to leave early so he can be with her for a few moments just to look at
her.  He said, he feels that is was a divine intervention from God that they had met on the special day of India’s Republic Day it has become a
historic day for him now.  Dr. Anurita Kapur, believed him and felt sorry for him and agreed to meet him in public places when time permitted
her.  Anurita gave her rules to him and made sure that Col. Manoj Tiwari understood that there cannot be any kind of physical nor sex since she
does not practice nor believes in pre-marital sex.  Tiwari agreed to her rules and was grateful that she at least she accepted him.  To gain her
trust in him, he started to send her unlimited love texts, unlimited calls daily, e-mails, greeting cards and poetries.  As a routine, Anurita was
always invited by the PMI and by Manoj Tiwari to his office at the Permanent Mission of India in New York for events and meetings in his office

After months of familiarity, one day, Manoj raped Anurita at his office by tricking her to come to his office and adding an unknown sedative in her
tea which was offered to her by him prepared in his office.  30 minutes later his office staff took leave and left the building.  Since they were alone
on the entire floor, Manoj took advantage of the situation and attacked Anurita in his office.  Since, Anurita never smoked, never had alcohol
neither drugs ever in her life, she was not able to tolerate the sedative given to her in her tea by Manoj.  Anurita became very sick and was not
able to defend herself well, when Manoj violently raped her in his office by forcing himself on her and scratching her inside which caused her to
have heavy vaginal bleeding and then raped her.  After the rape, Anurita was devastated with this act of violence and rape towards her and was in
severe pain and felt dirty and disrepected.

She told Manoj Tiwari that she will report him to the Authorities and get him punished for raping her.  Manoj Tiwari first threatened Anurita that
something bad could happen to her if she proceeded to report him but Anurita was adamant in reporting the rape.  So cleverly, Manoj Tiwari
quickly changed his tune and became very apologetic and got on his hands and knees offering Anurita what meant value to her since she is an
old fashioned lady, Manoj promised her that: he wants to make Anurita clean by marrying her, he loves her so much that is why he could not
resist having her sexually, promised her he will never have sex with her again until after they are married, and emotionally blackmailed her that,
if she still reported him then out of shame he will kill himself since he has a reputation to protect at work. After making all these promises to
Anurita, to make sure she trusts him again, he made statements like: if he is lying may the worms eat him alive and if Anurita ever catches him
lying and not honoring his promises to her then he gives her the right to shoot him on the spot and he is ready to die for her that is how much he
loves Anurita.  Anurita forgave him thinking that he is truly repenting and maybe he means what he is saying.  Anurita had him swear by the
Gods, his parents, India and the Indian Flag in his office to make sure he is telling the truth which he readily did to make her trust him again.  
Because it is a big stigma in our culture if a woman gets raped, it is very hard to come out in public, Anurita did not want to go through the
embarrassment and kept quiet about the rape and believed Colonel Tiwari.   

To authenticate her complaint, Anurita has saved all these evidences such as: hundreds of Manoj’s love text messages full of promises of being
together and marrying her sent from his PMI Cell Phone, love letter claimed by him that he wrote in his own blood for Anurita on PMI Letterhead,
his emails to Anurita from PMI Accounts, hundreds of pictures of them at events together and his recorded conversations & voice-mails, videos
and her soiled & bloody clothes with his semen all over it, these were all saved and kept by Anurita to protect herself).  Also, Mrs. Preeti
Ahluwalia’s conversations, her e-mails to Anurita and her hundreds of text messages that she forwarded of Manoj Tiwari slandering Anurita’s
name to Mrs. Preeti.

Because Colonel Tiwari was lying about all the promises he made to Anurita only to take advantage of her goodness and innocence, the first
opportunity he got he ran away to India telling Anurita that he is coming right back so just wait for him.  Of course, after he left the U.S. he stopped
all contacts with Anurita and then she realized that he was a con-artist who was deceiving & scamming her from the get go.  Later, after a few
weeks of his departure to India, Anurita started to receive information and calls from common friends and colleagues that Manoj had been
slandering her name by calling her derogatory terms to the Indian Community in the U.S., the United Nations, to the PMI and to other Indian
Government officials, to protect his image and reputation and to build a ground incase Anurita made complaints against him for raping her.  

Anurita investigated this matter and talked to Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s friends and his girl-friend in India with whom he has been having an extra-
marital affair for 12 years now.  Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Baljit Singh told Anurita that she was also raped by Col. Manoj Tiwari and there are many
other women who have been the victim of rape by this rapist. Mrs. Preeti said, she did not report him due to being scared of him and because she
has a husband and family.  She uncovered a lot of truth against the Rapist Manoj Tiwari, including that he use to call almost half of the day and
texted her daily since they have been together for about 12 years now.  Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia also stated that in between the United Nations
conferences Manoj Tiwari use to go to the UN Bathrooms and sit and masturbate and take pictures of it and his naked body parts which he would
send to Mrs. Preeti and as a routine she did the same for him to turn him on.   Their affair still continues since Manoj Tiwari travels to Bangalore 3
to 4 times a year to see her, he checks into The Royal Orchids Hotel next to Mrs. Preeti’s apartment building and their meeting is solely for sex.  
Their sex meetings have been going on for 12 years and are held when her husband is away on a flying trip.  She stated that her husband Officer
Baljit Singh is a good husband and provider to her and her children. Mrs. Preeti exposed Col. Tiwari with much more details and low acts since
she has known him for so long.  Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Singh is the wife of Officer Baljit Ahluwalia Singh an Indian Air Force Officer, they have 2
children Sargun 14 and Meher 16 they all reside in Bangalore, India.).

As a good citizen, Dr. Anurita Kapur thought it to be her duty to report the rape to the Indian Government offices immediately to get justice
against this Sexual Predator and Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari, she was also hoping to save his other future women preys.  

At this point, to set the record straight to protect her reputation, Anurita had no choice but to proceed with making Rape Complaints against Manoj
Tiwari to the Indian Government Departments and Ministries such as (listed in order below):  

First Anurita reported to The Permanent Mission of India (PMI) to the United Nations in New York was reported the list is as follows:  Officers
reported were: The current Ambassador, (PR) Permanent Representative of India he passed it onto > the past (DPR) Deputy Permanent
Representative of India very quickly he was then transferred to another country then he passed it onto > the current Deputy Permanent
Representative of India who then passed it onto > the Minister of PMI to handle the complaint but he stalled Anurita and took her for a long ride for
over 6 months without any result and wasted her time.  No one investigated the matter at PMI instead passed the buck along to the next without
any outcome.  They seem to be covering up for the rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.

Second Anurita reported to The Indian Embassy in Washington was reported to: Officers reported were: Permanent Representative (PR-PMI), the
past and present Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR-PMI), PMI-Ministers, PMI Counselors, PMI-Head of Chancery, Military Attache.  Indian
Embassy in Washington, D.C., included:  All past and current Ambassadors Permanent Representatives (PR) and Deputy Permanent
Representative (DPR), Counselors, Military Attache, Air Attache and Naval Attache.  No one investigated the matter here either and passed the
buck along to the next without any outcome. Again, they were also covering up for the rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.

Third Anurita reported to past Indian Government Officials:  Current President of India, previous Prime-Minister of India, previous Minister at the
Ministry of External Affairs, previous Minister at the Ministry of Defense, previous Minister at the Ministry of Home Affairs, current Chief of Army
Staff, Director of 1 Mechanised Infantry, 1 Madras Regiment and the current Leaders of the Indian Congress Party.  Here also, no one investigated
the matter instead passed the buck along to the next without any outcome.  These people were also covering up for the rapist Colonel Manoj
Tiwari and did not even investigate the matter.

Unfortunately, it has been over a year since the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari ran away to india but no justice has been given to Anurita.  Instead of
giving justice to Anurita the previous Indian Government tried to hush everything and shoved it under the rug to protect their high official Colonel
Manoj Tiwari who is a sex predator and a rapist.  

After Dr. Anurita Kapur made complaints against him to the past Indian Government last year, Rapist Tiwari started his lowly acts of making death
threats to Anurita to stop her from going public and filing complaints against him.  Manoj sent to Anurita death threats through several modes of
social media and other ways to scare her and prevent her from making complaints against him and seeking justice for her.

Why has this rapist been getting away all this time and under whose protection?  Why is the Indian Government not reacting after knowing
Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s heinous acts of rape crimes when Anurita has all the proofs?  Why is Anurita the Indian-American Physician not being
heard?  Who is behind it?  This and many such questions are going through everyone’s minds.  When is the Indian Government going to listen to
the cries of Dr. Anurita Kapur and give her justice by punishing the rapist and throwing him out of the office and stripping him for life of his
retirement benefits & perks.  The question is - is the new BJP Government going to listen to Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cries for justice and punish her
rapist soon?  Is the Indian Government going to serve justice to our Indian-American women?  What can we do to get justice by the Indian
Government?  Is the Indian Government going protect our American women from getting raped? Or will they will cover up for rapists because
they work for them?

Fourth Anurita then reported the matter to the United Nations in New York, to the following Departments: the Secretary General (SG) and to the
Under-Secretary General (USG), who happens to be a woman and claims to be the head of the United Nations Department of Entity for Gender
Equality and the Empowerment of Women, to Anurita’s surprise, this USG woman also mercilessly ignored Anurita’s cries for help and did not do
anything about the matter neither investigated anything.  

Fifth Anurita then contacted the American Authorities but so far, she is told the matter is under investigation.

Anurita suffers from physical and emotional traumas caused by rape and death threats made by the Rapist Manoj Tiwari.  This has caused her to
have a distrust in men.  For no fault of Anurita, she is going through pain and suffering caused by Rapist Manoj Tiwari.  Instead of being punished
for raping Anurita, Manoj Tiwari got promoted to a Brigadier rank by the Government of India, despite the rape complaints filed against him.  Stop
Rapist Manoj Tiwari from raping other women and misusing Indian Government power, money and perks/allowances to womanize.  Punish him
and throw him out of the office now and strip him of all his benefits for lifetime and give justice to Anurita for all her traumas, pain & suffering
caused by this conscience-less Monster, Sexual Predator and Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.  Shame on Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari for shaming
India, shaming the Indian Army and shaming the Ministry of Defense.  Is the Indian Army, the Indian Ministry of Defense and the Indian Ministry of
External Affairs helping to cover up for rapists like Col. Manoj Tiwari so he can get away and continue to rape innocent women?

Is the current Indian Government of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and Prime-Minister Narendra Modi going to give justice to India’s daughter
Dr. Anurita Kapur and punish the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari?

Since, Anurita helps many battered and raped women, she helps to prevent human trafficking of women and children and helps to prevent organ
trafficking, she wants to do an outreach and urge all women to come out in public to help her cause to protect all women globally.  Anurita
requests you to support her cause,
“Zero Tolerance for Rape”, we have to stop men from taking advantage of women and raping them.

Dr. Anurita Kapur has come out in public to fight for justice for her and other women that have been wronged and raped by this Rapist Manoj
Tiwari and to prevent him from raping other women.  Shame on this Rapist Manoj Tiwari since he has made a mockery out of our Hindu religion,
Hindustani culture & values and for what India stands for “Satyamev Jayatey” meaning Truth Prevails.   Anurita reaches to any woman who has
been raped by the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari to come forward and tell their story to us so we can help you to get justice.  Your support will not
only prevent and punish Colonel Manoj Tiwari but will be a lesson to stop any other such Indian Government officials who are abusing their
governmental positions, government power and facilities to womanize, using, abusing and raping women and shaming India.

To help to support Dr. Anurita Kapur’s cause “Zero Tolerance for Rape” to get justice and to give her your valuable suggestions for her cause you
can e-mail her at
zerotolerance4rape@livingstonmedicalgroups.com or dranuritakapur@yahoo.com  
OR contact her by calling her Nationwide from the U.S. and Canada at (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9111 Zero Tolerance 4 Rape
OR call us anywhere from the world to our International Telephone number 001-917-633-4853 Extension 9111 Zero Tolerance for Rape.
You can also mail us at our Lock Box: Zero Tolerance 4 Rape, P.O. Box #243, Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666, U.S.A.

Also, please help Dr. Anurita Kapur’s rape cause by circulating this article to other people and posting it on all social medias, national and
international newspapers, national and international TV Channels, national and international magazines and journals and everywhere else that
you may deem appropriate to get justice for Anurita.  Kindly, keep us posted via e-mail and let us know of the names of those medias that you
have posted or published this article to.  Thank you for your support on this cause.  

On behalf of all the women around world, Dr. Anurita Kapur personally, gives Special Thanks to all the Newspapers and
Publications (listed below) for publishing the Press Release, and to the individuals who helped to circulate the Press
Release to others.  She admires each Publication for their courage and for taking a bold step by writing and helping
Anurita's cause "ZERO TOLERANCE 4 RAPE" to help her fight for justice, to protect all the women around the world to be
safe and giving awareness to all women and to prevent barbaric crimes like rapes.

List of Newspapers and publications already published the press release (below):

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Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. and Colonel Manoj Tiwari, Diplomat, former Military
Attache at the Permanent Mission of India in New York (PMI) and current Indian
Army official at the Indian Repulic Day Event at PMI
Dr. Anurita Kapur. M.D. and Colonel Manoj Tiwari, Diplomat, former
Military Attache at the PMI and current Indian Army official at an Event at
Rockefellar Center
Dr. Anurita Kapur M.D. and Colonel Manoj Tiwari, Diplomat, former
Military Attache at the PMI and current Indian Army official at the Indian
Repulic Day Event January 26, 2012 at Indian Consulate New York.
Pictures of the Rapist and Victim and News Paper articles are listed below:
ASIAN TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER - United Nations, 28 July, (Asiantribune.com): Mon, 2014-07-28 20:52 — editor
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resources to help people build a better life.
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E-Malayalee - Malayalam Newspaper in America published in Languages: Malayalam and English.
American Bazaar from Washington, D.C. Published
Rapist Brig. Manoj Tiwari opened up this Account on TWOO way before he even knew Dr. Anurita Kapur.
TO ANSWER WHY SEE - Some Facts: This (ASG) woman is the wife of the former Permanent Representative (PR) of the Permanent Mission of
India (PMI) to the UN in NY.  This former PR at PMI was the direct boss of Rapist Brigadier Manoj Tiwari.  This explains why she did nothing to
help Anurita?  Anurita states, "I am hurt to see that I volunteered and worked so hard to speak for the United Nations to the United States
Senators & Congressmen to support the UN but regretfully this woman who is a salaried employee of the UN is not doing justice to its name.  
Now, I actually wonder, if I, a rape victim, am standing right at the doors of the United Nation Headquarters in NY - knocking for help and  my
cries are ignored without any explanation - how would i feel?  As a result of this feeling, I am forced to think about those people that are from
such far away lands crying for help and mercy - Are they actually being helped? OR even being heard???? You be the judge!  
(To Authenticate
these facts and the confirmed certified delivery receipts of the Rape Complaint Letter to the UN., has been retained for our records.)


retained a copy of this e-mail for our records to authenticate our complaints).


After reading Manoj's e-mail, Anurita said, Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari is not man enough to own up that it is he who sent Anurita the slandering,
threatening and abusive e-mail instead he is using his daughter Malvika Tiwari's name who is only a 17 years old minor child.  This is another
proof of how clever Manoj is, here too, he is trying to scare Anurita but he does not want any legal slander and threat lawsuits against him so he is
using his own young daughter’s name.  How does a little girl know how to curse, threaten and slander in this adult type of a manner?  A minor
child is not capable of using such adult contents.  What a COWARD Rapist Manoj Tiwari is?  Is this type of a coward actually hired by our Indian
Army & Indian Ministry of Defense, to protect India?  ANURITA STATED, THEN GOD ONLY HELP US, OUR NATION INDIA & OUR BORDERS!!!  
Regretfully, people like Manoj are working for the Indian Government to self-serve not to serve our Nation India nor its people.  They are only

In this letter, he is falsely slandering, threatening, falsely accusing and falsely defaming Anurita and to top it all off, Rapist Manoj Tiwari is calling
himself:  Best Indian Army Officer, best son, best husband and best father in the whole wide-world.  Anurita has dissected his letter and wants to
shed more light about Manoj’s false self-praises here:  Please see the order listed below:

Anurita did not want to bring Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s family into this but to reply to his baseless slandering e-mail, she will mention what more the
Airforce Officer Baljit Singh Ahulawalia’s wife Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia Baljit Singh stated to Dr. Kapur against Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s family
(Anurita has full taped conversations of Mrs. Preeti Ahluwalia’s statements to authenticate these statements).  Mrs. Preeti said that womanizing,
treacheries and slandering runs in Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s family:

Manoj is claiming to be a great son of a great family & father
(1)        Preeti said, Manoj’s father Retired Brigadier Krishan Kant Tiwari, living in Lucknow, India has had a secret and hidden mistress/girl-friend
all his life while his legal wife was alive and living at home with him.  Anurita says, “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON”.

(2)        Preeti said, Manoj’s sister, Vijaya Tiwari-Sethi married to Colonel Sethi they live in Lucknow, India, they have two sons, one of the sons
also did some criminal deed towards a girl at his college, due to which he was in a lot of trouble at his college and there was some legal case
against him. Anurita says, “WOW IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY”.

(3)        Preeti said, Manoj’s wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari’s brother Prashant Mishra’s wife Anjana Mishra was made romantic and sexual advances
towards her by Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.  Due to this reason Dipika’s parents and brother do not like Manoj to be alone around Anjana Mishra.   

Manoj claims to be a great husband
(4)        Preeti said, that Manoj had told her that his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari was an ugly looking woman in fact she looks like shit.  And they both
nicknamed her “DODO” so no one suspects when he is talking ill and slandering his own wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari.  Manoj said all this because he
is so cheap he is only looking for sex from other people’s wives and does not even care if he is slandering his own wife and mother of his
children just to get free sex.  Manoj told Preeti that all Dipika did was stay home, cook and clean and sleep, he supported her always she never
worked and has a bad attitude in life like she is better than all others.  Mrs. Preeti said that the first time Manoj raped her too at her Indian Army
Cantt apartment in Patiala, India, (this apartment was close to Manoj’s apartment almost at visible distance) late at night while her husband was
away and her kids were sleeping in the next room. This started happening in 2002 or 2003 when Rapist Colonel Tiwari was posted in Patiala, India
and Officer Baljit Singh Ahluwalia was also posted there.  Preeti stated that Manoj use to get up really early around 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. while his wife
Dipika Mishra-Tiwari was still sleeping in bed, he would tell her that he is going to exercise and jog early in the mornings to stay fit for the Army,
instead he would run to Preeti’s apartment to have immoral sex with her and he kept hovering over her.  He also used to use the government
buildings, his office and other locations of the Indian Army Cantt to molest her and have immoral sex with Preeti after raping her.  This went on
daily for the entire time he was posted in Patiala, India.  Preeti also said, Manoj Tiwari was using the Indian Government's phones and other
facilities to keep in touch with her almost more than half of the day before going home to his wife in the evening.  Preeti said she wondered when
was Colonel Manoj Tiwari actually working, since he was making sex calls to her all day long at work?  Preeti also stated that Rapist Manoj is like a
male prostitute who will do anything to get ahead in life.

HUSBAND”.  What his wife Dipika Mishra-Tiwari should have done was to have a short and tight leash around this untamed dog’s neck so her sex
starved, oversexed pig & sadist husband, Rapist Manoj Tiwari could have been able to harness his urges.  Also, this could have prevented him
from raping other women.  Maybe if he could not be a good husband at least Dipika could have saved other women from being raped outside.  
Dipika Mishra-Tiwari should have been more active in finding out where is this rapist Manoj Tiwari going?  Anurita was told by Manoj that some
times in the past his colleagues at Permanent Mission of India (PMI) and the Indian Army officers at the UN insisted that Manoj should accompany  
them to nude bars, so he did visit these nude bars with them, namely: Scandals in Long Island City, New York.  Manoj said, these men use to
watch women dancing naked and even hired them for sex.  However, to falsely show he is innocent to Anurita, Manoj admitted to Anurita that he
is very ashamed of the Officers at the PMI that they all go to these nude bars and that is why he does not want Anurita to talk to them since they
have lustful intentions for Anurita.  He was manipulating Anurita to stay away from all the men of PMI.  But about himself he told Anurita he has
honorable intentions toward her and that is why he keeps her away from these bad men.  He said he was always scared for Anurita’s safety.

Also to prove Rapist Manoj Tiwari is lying to be a great husband, Anurita is 3 attaching pictures of Colonel Manoj Tiwari’s account from a website
known as, TWOO.  Apparently, this website is a dating website for singles looking for a mate.  Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari officially signed up on
this website with his real name and is shown using his nickname as TIGER (since he calls himself Tiger Tiwari, a perfect name since all he does is
hunt for women preys) and the pictures will state for themselves that how TIGER TIWARI who is born on October 1, 1967, stating that he is single
and is looking for women between the ages of 30 to 50 years old.  Also, he is describing the type of women he wants to meet (please see attached
3 pictures as proof below.).  Anurita says, maybe Preeti is right Manoj is like a male prostitute or even a "gigolo", look how he is advertising
himself, saying he is single and looking for women on this website called: TWOO.

Manoj claims to be a great father
(5)        Manoj use to tell Anurita, that his children are untamed they only eat and are getting fat especially his older daughter, Malvika (he called
her Molly) she resembles an elephant he keeps telling her to exercise and lose weight but she doesn’t listen and stays locked in her room all the
time and all she does is chat with her friends and eat all day.  The younger girl Devyani (he called her Debby) is another brat but better than the
older one, they both have taken after their mother who was an ugly woman.  He said, once their divorce is over he is going to leave the daughters
with the mother.  He said, they are a perfect trio of Cinderella’s ugly step mother and sisters all of them are good for nothing.   Anurita says, WOW,

(6)        Manoj is accusing in this letter and implying that he did something for Anurita.  So to set the record straight Anurita wants to share with
everyone what Manoj did for her.  The gifts he gave Anurita to prove to her that he is serious about her and his promises of marriage he had made
to her:

(1)        1 Red Saree w/gold border bridal type value $50.00

(2)        1 Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring value $20.00

(3)        1 Samaj Seva cotton saree with Red border value $5.00 (Manoj told Anurita he pictures her in simple clothes so no man steals her away
from him.)

(4)        1 Samaj Seva cotton saree blue border value $5.00

(5)        1 packet of Sindoor & 1 Small Silver Container to put sindoor in (he told Anurita that his mother use to put sindoor in that kind of a

(6)        1 packet of Dime size Maroon color Bindis value $0.5 cents

(7)        1 The Bhagvad Gita (Hindu Holy Book)

(8)        2 purses on last day in Manhattan at the Century 21 both valued of $45.00.

(9)        1 Valentine’s day stuffed heart value $10.00

(10)        1 Easter Egg Chicken Stuffed Animal value $10.00

(11)        1 Stuffed Teddy Bear for Anurita’s birthday $15.00

(12)        Anurita stated, in fact that at our meetings Manoj use to order only 1 dry meat platter and shared half with her with only water or
sometimes he got her 1 diet pepsi which he would share half as well.  He would not order any bread nor any rice, since he said his government
salary is only $4500 per month so he cannot afford and has to watch his expenses and on some occasions he would not even get food for Anurita,
he use to buy only 1 large coffee that he shared half with Anurita.  This can be verified by the Restaurants Anurita & Manoj went to together:
Darbar Restaurant on 46th St. (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues), Darbar Grill on 55th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues) both Restaurants owned by
Mr. Manik, he was known to Manoj and Anurita, the server who use to serve was Chris, who can verify how much Manoj use to spend on the
dinner for Anurita.  Tulsi Restaurant on 46 St., also they knew the owner, servers and the celebrity chefs – Manoj did the same order here as well,
Chola Restaurant on 58th Street, Diner at 23rd Street, Millenium Hotel Coffee Shop he would buy 1 large coffee and shared half with Anurita.

Later, after Manoj ran away to India.  Anurita talked to a lot of people commonly known to them, Anurita found out that Manoj was lying about his
salary being only $4500 per month and he said he paid for all expenses from this measly salary.  Actually he use to get paid additionally by the
Indian Government for his monthly expenses: such as, over $10,000 per month for his apartment rent in New York City, all his utilities were paid,
his national and international cell phone bills were paid, transportation and travels was paid for, meals allowances $1500 per month to take out
people for dinner.  Manoj was lying to fool Anurita so she feels sorry for him - he is a cheapskate.

(13)        Most of the times, Manoj gave Anurita to eat at the events where he was invited to so he doesn’t have to spend money on food for Anurita.

(14)        Other times, because Manoj did not want to spend money on taking Anurita to movies, concerts or anything else, he would only suggest
to her to walk by the water on East Side River by the United Nations or take a drive in her cars to places and sit in her car listening to music for

Anurita says, basically, Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari was a con-artist, a liar and a rapist who fooled Anurita well, by hurting her physically,
emotionally, sentimentally and scarred her for life, wasted her valuable time and slandered & defamed her good name to save his own skin.

Rapist Manoj Tiwari is a user and an opportunist too.  He asked Anurita to buy him an apartment in New York City so every time he visits the
United States he can reside there and finally be there after they are married.



It has come to our attention that Rapist Colonel/Brigadier Manoj Tiwari had been baselessly slandering Dr. Anurita Kapur’s good name and
righteous character and falsely accusing her to save his own skin from being prosecuted for raping her.  Please see listed below there are three
categories who’s names have been given to us as the guilty party to this false slander, false defamation and false rumor mills against
Dr. Anurita Kapur:

Firstly, after raping Anurita, Rapist Col. Manoj Tiwari has been slandering & defaming Anurita’s good name within her circles, to the Indian-
American community, The Permanent Mission of India New York Staff, Indian Consulate New York Staff, Officers at the United Nations and other
officials of the International Diplomatic Community.  Manoj committed this low-life act to build a ground so Anurita does not report that he raped

Secondly, the list includes people who are Rapist Manoj Tiwari’s friends, colleagues, and relatives working for the Indian Government in India and
in the U.S. since they have also been falsely slandering and falsely defaming Dr. Anurita Kapur’s good name and character to protect this Sex
Predator and Rapist Manoj Tiwari.

Thirdly, the list includes the names of some individuals from the Indian-American Community, The Permanent Mission New York Staff, Indian
Consulate New York Staff, United Nations New York Staff and some Indian Media men and women; these people have also been spreading false
rumors, false name slanders and false defamation, with false labels against Dr. Anurita Kapur’s good name.

There are tremendous amounts of good people who highly regard Anurita and her contributions to society, who thought it to be their duty, as they
came forward to reveal the false ugly rumors, false slanders, false defamation that were shared with them from the men and women from the
above mentioned 1, 2 and 3 categories which included the Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari.

Dr. Anurita Kapur is requesting all the mentioned categories (above) and anyone else - to come forward and help her cause by reporting to us of
any others that have experienced and heard these type of false slanders and false rumors against Anurita from either Rapist Colonel Manoj Tiwari
OR other categories mentioned above who have helped in creating this false rumor mill against Anurita to hurt her and in an effort to wrongfully
protect Rapist Manoj Tiwari.

Dr. Anurita Kapur and the concerned Authorities are taking strictest legal actions to prevent slander and defamation, legally prosecute and punish
these individuals.  These criminals are a virus and threat to our society and to good innocent people.

Help us to prevent these people from starting and keeping false rumor mills alive, and spreading by the grapevine of false slander and false
character defamation.  These are serious crimes and punishable acts, that can be prosecuted against.  These evil minded people who are
spreading false rumors, false slanders and false defamation, are only doing the slandering business to gain favors from people, or get money
and/or other personal gains or favors, and/or even to get attention in society, and/or including hiding their own crimes (like Rapist Manoj Tiwari),
and/or they even have professional jealousies with others.  These people are evil for our society, they should be taught a lesson by immediately
reporting them and prosecuting them with strictest punishments so they never do it again.  Let this be a lesson to other such useless people to
beware before they open their mouths against another good fellow-human being.  

Kindly, contact us and share your story with us by giving us the names of the SLANDERER/DEFAMER and give a description of the ill-content
spoken against Dr. Anurita Kapur.  Remember, if we let such ill-willed people get away then we are helping them to continue the slander and who
knows you might be their next victim of slander and maybe even your families.

For your safety and security, our management promises you that your identity will be kept completely confidential at all times.  By speaking
against such criminals you are helping our humanity and society cause by keeping our society clean and helping fellow-humans to live with pride
and dignity that they deserve.  

Thank you again for helping us in this matter and joining hands against and taking responsibility to keep our system clean of dirt.  Remember: By
participating in such name slanders and defamation of character of a good human being, you too are committing a crime.

To help support Anurita's Cause: "NO2SLANDER&DEFAMATION" and to report Slanderers and Defamers of Character, please contact us at:
E-mail: no2slander-defamation@livingstonmedicalgroups.com OR dranuritakapur@yahoo.com
Phone in U.S.: (888) 564-4966 Ext. 9112  OR Worldwide: (917) 633-4853 Ext. 9112   
Regular Mail Lockbox:  No 2 Slander & Defamation, P.O. BOX # 243, Teaneck, New Jersey  07666
Dr. Anurita Kapur, her daughter Reeteka and her niece at the Indian Consulate in New York
Famous Ghazal Singer for the Event
Mrs. Sadhna Shankar-Mulay & Dr. Anurita Kapur's daughter
Reeteka and her niece at the Indian Consulate in New York
Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay, his wife Sadhna
Shankar who is the Commissioner of Income Tax for
the  Government of India. She is currently the PS to the
Union Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs and
Dr. Anurita Kapur
Mr. Prakash, Chairman of INOC & Dr. Anurita Kapur
The Empire State
Building lit in Indian
Flag Tri-Colors

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended Eid-ul-Fitr Event hosted by Mr. Qazi at the Indian Consulate in New York
on August 13, 2013.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended India's Independence Day Celebration at the Indian Consulate in New York
on August 15, 2013.

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. invited to & attended a Hindi Movie Premier: Dabangg 2 acted by Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha
in Manhattan in December, 2012, New York with Hon. Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India and his family.

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. invited to & attended a New Year 2013 Celebration at Hon. Prabhu Dayal, Consul General of India's
residence at the Indian Consulate on December 31, 2012.  The Celebration was attended by several community and close
friends.  Hosted by Mrs. Chandni Dayal.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to, attended and hosted a political event for Indian Overseas
Congress (INOC) with her opening remarks and speech.  Anurita welcomed Minister
Moily to New York.  Anurita gave a very strong introduction honoring Minister Marpadi
Veerapa Moily during his visit to New York in 2013.  The Event was sponsored by Xavier
School of Medicine and other physicians.
Marpadi Veerappa Moily is an Indian politician from the state of Karnataka, and the current Minister of Petroleum and Natural
Gas. He was the former Minister of Corporate Affairs and Minister of Power in the Indian government.  Moily was elected as MP of
the Chickballapur district by a wide margin in 2009.  Moily was the former Chief Minister (and the first ethnic Tuluva CM) of the
Indian state of Karnataka (19 Nov 1992 - 11 Dec 1994). He was elected to Karnataka state legislative assembly from Karkala
constituency of Udupi district.  He is also currently serving as the All India Congress Committee General Secretary in charge of
Andhra Pradesh.
He is regarded as one of the senior members of the Congress Party, and a close adviser for the Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi.
Political career: 2012: Petroleum Minister w.e.f. 28.10.2012; 2011–2012: Cabinet Minister of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India
2006–2009: Chairman of the Oversight Committee for implementation of 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in central educational institutions
2002–2004: Chairman, Revenue Reforms Commission; 2000–2002: Chairman, Tax Reforms Commission
1992–1994: Chief Minister of Karnataka 1989–1992: Minister for Law, Youth Service, Culture, Information, Parliamentary Affairs and Education,
Govt. of Karnataka; 1983–1985: Leader of Opposition, Karnataka Assembly; 1980–1982: Minister for Finance and Planning, Govt. of Karnataka;
1974–1977: Minister for Small Scale Industries, Govt. of Karnataka;  Appointed to various committees by Indira Gandhi one of which led to the
setting up of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).  Practiced law in the courts of Karkala, Mangalore, High Court in
Bangalore and at the Supreme Court of India.  Led the implementation of economic reforms in Karnataka in 1992 and also responsible for drafting
& implementing the Karnataka Land Reforms Act in 1974.  Led several projects, policies and achievements of the State of Karnataka in ministries
and sectors such as Finance, Irrigation and Power, Urban Development and Infrastructure, Housing and Rural Development, Empowerment,
Education and Culture.  Author of epic poem Sri Ramayana Mahanveshanam in five volumes containing 42,295 lines in Kannada. It is also being
translated into Hindi and being published by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi.  Authored ‘Musings on India’ Part 1 & 2 in English
containing articles on contemporary issues including public finance.  Regular columnist for leading print publications and electronic media.  
Currently writing a book on the steps to be taken to make India an economic superpower by year 2020.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended a Fairwell Event for H.E. Amb. Prabhu Dayal,
Consul General of India in Manhattan, New York.  Hosted by INOC.
Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Dr. Anurita Kapur and INOC Members
Amb. Prabhu Dayal's brother

Dr. Anurita Kapur, M.D. invited to & attended a Christmas luncheon hosted by Colonel Manoj Tiwari, Military Advisor of the
Indian Mission at an Indian Restaurant in Manhattan, New York.  The attendees were all top dignitaries of the International
Police Heads and Military Advisors of the International Missions including the U.S. Mission.

Dr. Anurita Kapur invited to and attended with her daughter Reeteka a Birthday Celebration for H.E. Amb. Prabhu Dayal,
Consul General of India at the Indian Embassy in New York.  The Event was attended by Prominent Indians and various
international dignitaries.
Anurita presented a birthday gift to Ambassador Prabhu Dayal
Anurita, her daughter Reeteka and her niece
Mr. Nikhil Seth, Director of the Division for Sustainable
Development, Department of Economic and Social
Affairs (DESA) and he was also Head of the Rio+20
Secretariat and Dr. Anurita Kapur
Colonel Manoj Tiwari, Military Advisor Permanent Mission
of India and Anurita